Cynthia Aisha Meguid’s promise of peace, deep fulfillment, and true happiness makes her an impactful life coach.

Cynthia Aisha Meguid’s promise of peace, deep fulfillment, and true happiness makes her an impactful life coach.

She is more than what meets the eye and excels as a certified wellbeing trainer, educator, and author with her much-talked-about book “Transformed by Values.”

There are two sets of people in the world. One set includes those who only believe in attaining their personal goals, while the other set consists of people and professionals who put the betterment of others before their goals and work on offering something that could significantly impact people and societies. It is essential to belong to the latter category to bring in that necessary change and inspire others to do the same.

Topping the list of such incredible human beings and professionals is Cynthia Aisha Meguid, who believed in her unconventional visions, put in rigorous efforts, and left no stone unturned in becoming the powerful and innovative personality she is today, behind the life transformations of many.

As the CEO of her brand, “Cynthia Aisha Meguid,” she has helped alter the lives of people with her one-of-a-kind wellbeing services, consisting of positive psychology education, personal growth and development, neuro-linguistic programming, and Islamic and spiritual growth. Her consultancy and life coaching helps grow people’s wellbeing through her positive psychology and personal development services, helping them excel in their psychological, spiritual, emotional, and social wellbeing.

Her ‘Transformed by Values’ services help people excel in living their religious and spiritual values to make their lives more meaningful, driven by a purpose. And with Islamic and spiritual education, she helps people excel at spiritual growth, wisdom, and life. As an author, she has stunned people with her book “Transformed by Values,” a guide to succeed in living Islamic Values. The book already reached massive momentum on Amazon within the first three months.

The book masterfully intertwines self-help tips, neuro-linguistic programming, personal growth strategies, and practical cognitive psychology insights with Islamic spiritual teachings. This encourages people to cultivate patience, unconditional love, unshakeable faith, self-discipline, God-consciousness, perseverance, and calmness under pressure, besides many other necessary character traits and values.

She decided in her late 20s to work on a mission of making self-improvement and positive change easy and accessible for individuals, which has helped her come this far in her journey as a wellbeing educator, author, coach, and consultant.

The Canadian-born was raised in Sydney, from a mixed Italian, Egyptian, and Turkish heritage. From a very young age, she understood the power of education and the adoption of a few essential values in life, which later motivated her to spread the same among others and enrich other’s lives. Today, after 20 years of being in the industry, it won’t be wrong to say that Cynthia Aisha Meguid has positively impacted the lives of countless individuals and given them a purpose in their lives. She studied at Sydney University and found her passion in psychology and human communication. There, she earned her first degree and later master’s degrees in Applied Positive Psychology and Islamic Studies in Australia.

Her passion and genuine aim to reach more people, positively impact their lives, and transform them by values socially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually has made her an inspiring success story. She has delivered over 200 educational talks, workshops, and courses in the past two decades. Over the years, Cynthia also focused on creating several innovative programs.

Her Positive Psychology courses teach about maximizing strengths, nurturing positive relationships, emotional intelligence, and building resilience. It also addresses the many challenges the youth and women face and empowers them to manage stress, create positive habits, and improve their wellbeing.

Apart from being this incredible author and life coach, Cynthia has volunteered at Australia’s first interfaith organization, Affinity Intercultural Foundation, and Islamic Sciences and Research Academy Australia (ISRA), among others, offering her knowledge through her workshops and talks. Her association with Mahboba’s Promise, a renowned international humanitarian aid organization for over two decades, has changed the lives of impoverished women and children. Cynthia Aisha Meguid is indeed a change-maker.