Meet Aisha, Well-Being Education Specialist

Meet Aisha, Well - Being Education Specialist

Warmest Greetings & Welcome! 

Do you want to be and live the best version of yourself but don’t know how or where to start? I am here to support you towards this valuable goal!

My name is Cynthia Aisha Meguid, Well being education specialist or a Well-being Teacher, Educator, Consultant and Coach. I am committed to helping youth and adults become the best version of themselves, no matter how long they’ve been at this or what well-being service they need – a day workshop, major event or long course.

Like many of you, I’ve experienced difficulties and challenges in life. This is why my goal is to support you on your path towards achieving what matters most to you , whether your goals are personal or professional.

I offer five life-changing services:

1. Youth Positive Psychology Courses & Incursions for High Schools

  • Teenagers face many mental health challenges, which can affect their personal, social and academic life. Our Applied Positive Psychology courses – Well being education specialist, help teens tackle such problems to become healthier and happier. Our incursions are interactive and engaging, providing students with the opportunity to learn and apply positive psychology in an easy way to their home, personal and/or school life.
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2. Applied Positive Psychology Courses & Events for Adults

  • Do you want to learn how to enhance the quality of your life? Our Applied Positive Psychology courses with Well being education specialist, explore how we can use psychological knowledge to improve all areas of our lives and make them more fulfilling. These courses cover topics such as emotional intelligence, maximising strengths, building resilience, building positive relationships and achieving meaningful goals. They provide practical tools that you can use to immediately improve your wellbeing.
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3. Personal Development Courses & Events for High School & Tertiary Youth

  • With the many demands and challenges youth face, many are unable to devote time to personal development. Due to this, students become more distracted, stressed and inefficient, leading to suppressed creativity, self-esteem and productivity. With our Personal Development courses, students can focus more on improving themselves to excel at greater levels in various areas of life.
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4. Transformed by Values Courses & Events

  • Have you been thinking about changing your habits, following Islamic teachings and sunnah to higher levels, but struggle to get started or follow through? I know how tough it is, due to the daily hustle and bustle of life. To support you, we created our Transformed by Values courses to help you in your spiritual transformation journey.
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5. Islamic & Spiritual Courses & Events

  • If you truly want to achieve deep growth in every field of life, then gaining and practicing knowledge about spiritual Islamic teachings is essential. You will find insights and solutions to every problem of life in Islamic wisdom and teachings. Our Islamic and spiritual courses and events can support you to learn about Islam’s timeless wisdom and applying it to reach greater levels of wellbeing in life.
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My goal is to support you in achieving the goals and results you want in life, by offering educational services that you can apply to improve your psychological, emotional, behavioural, social and spiritual dimensions.

Career History & Highlights 

I completed my Bachelor of Arts from Sydney University in 1994 (majoring in Islamic studies, government and economics). I was always interested in psychology and helping people get through their mental health struggles to live a better life. That’s why I enrolled in intensive NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training with Evolve Now Mind Institute in 2003, and in 2006 became a certified NLP graduate, trained by Inspiritive Pty Ltd, Sydney, which runs the only John Grinder (co-founder of NLP) endorsed and nationally accredited Vocational Graduate Certificate in NLP.

Over the past 15 years, I have worked at management level offering personal development training in Australia for adults and youth. In 2021, I graduated from Melbourne University with a master’s degree in applied positive psychology, to expand the depth and scope of my personal development educational services.

Thanks to many years of learning and training in personal development, from NLP to Islamic and spiritual fields, my combined services can support you towards greater wellbeing.

I started my professional journey by teaching in schools from 1996. In 2002, after discovering endless benefits of personal development in life skills and well-being, my career shifted into this growing area to help adults develop themselves on all levels – mental and emotional health awareness is one example. Since then, I have also worked with Self Mastery Solutions and extensively with Life Matters Academy, with my amazing friend and business partner, Dalya Ayoub, to whom I am deeply grateful to have been honoured to work heart and soul together, in serving the community with a range of empowering personal development services .

Personal development areas I have taught over the past 15 years:

Communication Skills – Relationship Skills – Personal Change Skills – Performance Skills – Personal Management Skills – Personal Leadership Skills

My key background qualifications include:

I haven’t stop learning and never will insha’Allah, because I believe the more we learn, the more we broaden our horizons and understanding. Through my study of human wellbeing and going deep into what drives success and high levels of personal growth, I have gained valuable knowledge and skills that don’t just come with theoretical learning but practical wisdom. They have helped me become highly motivated to help and pass on this knowledge and skills to other people, to expand and grow like never before.

My Heritage & Personal Life

    My heritage is from Egypt with a mix of Italy and Turkey. I was born in Canada and raised in Sydney. This diversity has given me a rich opportunity to see the diversity and individuality in others.

    Islam has played a great role in my life journey. I was raised Catholic, but at 20 discovered Islam’s priceless teachings. Its rich knowledge content and wisdom intrigued me to the extent that I chose Islam as my path. Since then, I have been practicing Islam and striving to spread positivity among others. Islam has taught me millions of things, including seeing the good in everyone and respecting people from every walk of life.

    I am married to Sayed Layth Almosawy, an Islamic scholar and sheikh of 15 years, with whom we have four children. In my free time, I love nature, sports and meditation. I have deeply invested time in meditation for many years, which has enhanced my spiritual senses and well-being.

    Islamic Learning, Growth and Teaching

    Since converting to Islam at 20, I haven’t stopped exploring and learning about my beautiful religion. I completed a Masters in Islamic Studies from Charles Sturt University in 2019. I have been a volunteer at Affinity Intercultural Foundation and Islamic Sciences and Research Academy Australia (ISRA), presenting about 50 talks and workshops over the past 18 years, since 2004, over a wide range of Islamic topics, such as:

    • Overview of Islam, Advanced Islamic Studies & Personal Leadership
    • Studies of Religion talks to high schools – 5 Pillars of Islam and Key Beliefs of Islam
    • The Life and Character of the Prophet (PBUH), Ramadan and Hajj, Prayer in Islam
    • Value of Time in Islam and Inner Peace in Islam
    • Women in Islam & Hijab in Islam

    I have always loved sharing the beauty of Islam with others. I did so by also volunteering at Auburn Mosque for many years, as a mosque tour guide and speaker to non-Muslim visitors, groups, and Catholic and public high schools.

    Let’s Work on Your Growth Together

    I am excited to work with you in the next stage of your life. Together, we can go beyond what was thought possible and reach new heights that lead not only towards success but also fulfillment, peace of mind and pure happiness insha’Allah!

    For enquiries or more information on how I can help boost your highest wellbeing and success, contact me at or complete our enquiry form here.

    With Peace,
    Cynthia Aisha Meguid
    Well-Being Teacher, Educator, Consultant and Coach

    Positive Psychology Education – Personal Growth & Development – Neuro Linguistic Programming – Islamic & Spiritual Development


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