What People Say About Aisha

Our recently published professional guidebook, Transformed by Values, is a product of every course taught or training presented over the past 20 years, which received 100% positive feedback alhamdulillah!. A few testimonials are listed below:

This has been the most self-development course I’ve done, I’ve learnt so much about myself and how to connect with others more effectively. I have greater understanding how human behaviour works and am able to connect more deeply with Allah swt.

Nadine C., Mum

I react to things in life more effectively, look at many things from different perspectives & understand others & their behaviours better.
Radya D., Primary School Teacher

Aisha’s training has taken my emotional life, thinking and self-awareness to much higher levels. In my relationships, I am more patient with others and able to see things from different perspectives. As a muslim, I am able to look at the big picture first, set long and short term goals. I realise that there is a positive in every challenge I face.
Maya Z., Optometrist

I am able to use better strategies in daily challenges. I have more choice about my feelings. I stop and smell the roses. I have many Islamic tools to improve my daily behaviour. It has helped me to be closer to God as our Creator and turn to Him. I am looking forward to implementing all the learning more and more in my life
Sarah H., Business Owner

I’ve gained lots of practical ways in applying the knowledge and ideas to improve the way I solve day to day problems at home. The sessions has helped me realise that I can’t change the people around me, but I can change the way I deal with them. Even the way I deal with my husband and children has changed. But most important, my relationship with Allah swt has improved in my awareness of how near He is to me and on relying on Him more fully. Rouba, Business Owner

I have become a person who is thinking more before reacting to situations. I am more calmer and positive about everything. I think in different ways, and my communication skills have vastly improved and continue to improve daily alhamdulillah. It has had a great impact on my home, I feel more capable to deal with day to day situations with more positive results.”
Mona C. Admin Officer

Since starting the lessons, I have started noticing things I didn’t notice before. It has helped me focus and change my perspective on everything, especially other people and their behaviours. This has helped me in my relationships and my career. This has been life changing for me as I don’t feel frustrated and angry with other people anymore,  but change how I am reacting. My life has more focus and direction, I am doing what is important to me not what I think I should be doing to satisfy others.
Zebann R., School Teacher

Aisha’s sessions has helped me live my life according to my values and beliefs and be more conscious of my actions. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to live life according to their inner beliefs and values and for those who want to understand others, improve their communication skills, get rid of bad habits and adopt new beneficial ones.
Rouba Z, Pharmacist

Aisha’s sessions are very professionally run with highly developed content. Aisha has great leadership, people’s skills and is empathetic. She explains step by step procedures to help pinpoint and overcome challenges in our lives. I have accomplished so much more in relationships and my businesses. Very empowering!
Anisa. K., Manager

These sessions with Aisha has helped me to realise that I can change negative thinking patterns with practice. I am able to recognise negative thoughts easily and refocus my mind on the positive possibilities. My communication with my children has been more effective. I better prioritise and focus on what’s important. I have been able to make more positive efforts with important relationships.
Linda N., Mum

Learning with Aisha has made me more God-Conscious and self-aware and able to improve my behaviour and communication with others, especially when faced with challenging situations. I think more clearly and am more focused. It has helped change me in many ways, I am more calm, peaceful, patient and forgiving. I think more effectively before I act especially with my kids, which used to cause me a lot of stress. In my communication, I am more aware of using & the effect of positive language and able to eliminate negative thinking. My perspective in my career in now more focused and I now know what I want to do and how to get there. Mariam E., Pharmacist

The sessions with Aisha have opened my eyes to things I never knew existed in so many positive ways that I can apply in my daily life. I am more aware of how we create our behaviours and understanding them. I have a new outlook on life and have been able to make lots of positive changes.
Ayda Z. Volunteer

In my emotional life and balance, Aisha’s sessions has strongly guided me to achieve specific goals. In my relationships, it has helped me to deal with problems better. I’ve become more positive in approaching life problems, especially in the way I use language. As a Muslim, I have strengthened my connection with our creator, Allah swt and helped me to build more khusu (humility) I have a fresh pair of eyes in seeing people and the world. 
Aidha.A., Community Worker