Transformed By Values Courses & Events

What is Transformed By Values?

Our Transformed By Values courses and events are based on Aisha Meguid’s Transformed By Values Book (3 Volumes) – coming soon!

Comprehensive Islamic Values & Personal Growth Program

This extensive program based on our 3 volume book, teaches a range of Islamic and personal development based, effective strategies to significantly improve your ability to live your highest values and goals in all areas of life, incorporating the most advanced knowledge in the field.

Gain positive self-improvement skills for your Islamic values-based, personal growth success in every area of your life. Excel in your ability to fulfil your highest potential. Realising your highest potential, occurs by striving to be the best version of yourself and living with psychological, emotional, social and spiritual habits of excellence (ihsan) according to Islamic Divine teachings.

Grow your Ability to Excel in Living Your Islamic Values

The Power of Values

Values are the deep roots of your every intention, thought, feeling, behaviour and habit. Living divine spiritual values with excellence leads a highly satisfied, meaningful life on your own terms. Often our greatest problems stem from not having effective knowledge and skills to effectively embody and live our values, in addition to lacking sufficient emotional, psychological, social and spiritual knowledge and skills to support living your values. Our personal growth educational solutions offer solutions to address these challenges.

Ihsan (which means Islamic excellence & is mentioned over 50x in the Quran) means thinking, acting, feeling and living with excellence to be the best Muslim you can be. This happens by developing excellence in your psychological, emotional, social and spiritual habits and life.

Your values determine every area of your life – from what your goals are you, to what you do and don’t do (in your character, relationships, religion, work, health, etc.), to your emotional, mental, social and spiritual habits and more!

The quality of your life comes from the quality of your values. Values determine every choice and decision you make; as a result, every action and its consequence in this life and the next life. Without improving how we live and grow our values, life has no chance for personal growth or success.

Great Benefits of Living your Islamic Values

Transformed by Values will help you excel in growing a better and stronger YOU, so you wake up daily deeply motivated about your day, yourself, your religion, your purpose, relationships, work and your life.

    Deep Learning

    Transformed by Values is based on advanced personal development understanding of how humans excel.


    Transformed by Values will help you excel in your psychological, emotional, social & spiritual skills & habits within an Islamic framework.

    Life Changing

    Transformed by Values helps you build positive, meaningful & Islamic change in a range of real life contexts.

    Greater Wellbeing

    Transformed by Values can be applied to all areas of life – personal, emotions, habits, relationships, health, career, lifestyle, religion and more

    Be the Best Muslim You Can Be
    By living with psychological, emotional, social and spiritual habits of excellence (ihsan) according to Islamic Values.