Sayyed Layth Almosawy

(Sayed) Layth Almosawy, is an Islamic scholar, teacher & sheikh spanning over 15 years. Layth’s family lineage traces back to Medina and the family of the Prophet Muhammad through their family tree. 

Islamic areas of study and teaching include:

 Fiqh (Islamic Law) 

  • Islamic law or jurisprudence (fiqh) – related to the five pillars of Islam (declaration of faith, prayer, fasting, charity and pilgrimage)
  • Islamic rituals & methods related to these practices
  • Views and evidence from Sunni & Shia schools of law

Ihsan (spirituality) 

  • Spirituality areas include – ihsan (spiritual excellence), ikhlas (sincerity), istiqama (straightforwardness) and taqwa (righteousness).
  • The five pillars of Islam from a spiritual perspective

Sirah (Life Of Prophet Muhammad)

  • Prophet Muhammad’s character and personality and sunnah
  • Time periods include – pre-Islamic Arabia, before prophethood, the Meccan period and migration to medina
  • Key challenges he faced, his family life, miracles, and more

Usul Al-Din (Foundational Islamic Theology) 

  • The Islamic concept of God
  • The development of Islamic theology throughout history 

Usul Al-Fiqh (Methodology of Islamic Law) 

  • Islamic jurisprudence (usul al-fiqh) methodology
  • Historic, social and religious factors in the development of legal schools
  • Primary sources of law 

Mantiq (Logic) And Critical Reasoning 

  • The principles of critical reasoning in Islam
  • Differences between valid and invalid, sound and unsound arguments.
  • Mantiq (logic) within Islamic context for examining concepts and ideas.

Akhlaq (Morality) And Adab (Manners) In Islam 

  • Akhlaq (morality) and adab (manners) from an Islamic perspective and their application
  • Akhlaq and adab in daily life, family, and other relationships 

Islamic History

  • The history of Muslim societies and civilisations from the time of the death of Prophet Muhammad to the end of the caliphate era.
  • The periods of the caliphs, umayyad empire, abbasid empire and ottoman empire, and significant historic events