The Glorious 99 Names Of God (Allah)

The Glorious 99 Names Of God (Allah)
The Glorious 99 Names Of God (Allah)

The Glorious 99 Names Of God (Allah)

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Event Description

2 week event – 2 hours per week

This event is a women’s online learning & discussion group.

This 99 names of Allah study group will explore various Islamic & Spiritual teachings related to the magnificent 99 names of Allah in Islam from a religious, spiritual and modern scientific perspective.

Allah’s beautiful names are attributed to God in Islam through Islamic texts. They are the divine attributes by which God manifests Himself in our world. A Muslim can only know God (Allah) by learning about His Beautiful Names and understanding their meaning. Knowing the names and attributes of Allah Almighty in one’s daily life and using them to support your well-being, offers immense benefits in the transformation of one’s spiritual, psychological, physical and emotional life. For example, learning about Allah’s names related to faith and trust, inspires one put their hope and trust in God securely. The deeper one knows God, the deeper their love for Him.

  • Examples of God’s Beautiful names include: Ar-Rahman, The All-Compassionate, Ar-Rahim, The All-Merciful, Al-Malik, The Absolute Ruler, As-Salam, The Source of Peace, Al-Khaliq, The Creator, Al-Khabir, The All-Aware, Al-Karim, The Generous, Ar-Raqib, The Watchful One and others.


  • In this study & discussion group, we explore:
    • The 99 Names of Allah
    • The meaning of various names from a physical and spiritual perspective
    • Manifestations of the names in our life
    • Ways of practicing and using the names daily 
    • Mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of using these names in our daily life.

Instructor: Cynthia Aisha Meguid

Well-Being – Teacher, Educator, Consultant & Coach

What is included in this event?

This event includes:

  1. Notes Handout 
  2. Lots of activities
  3. Online presentations and discussions
  4. Certificate of participation

Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is suited to women aged 18 yrs and over

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Date And Time

2022-12-15 | 07:00 PM to
2022-12-22 | 09:00 PM

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