Four Great Ways to Strengthen Your Islamic Faith

Four great ways to strengthen your Islamic faith

Strengthening our faith (iman) daily in Allah is the plant that, when nurtured daily, brings us closer and happier in the most important relationship of our life – our relationship with Allah.

Here are four of the most empowering and fundamental ways that we can achieve stronger faith:

1 – Increase Your Knowledge: Grow your faith by expanding your knowledge about Allah and His teachings through the Qur’an and Sunnah.

2 – Practice and Apply: Apply the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah in your daily life, incorporating them into your thoughts, actions, and interactions.

3 – Continuous Improvement: Have the intention and commitment to constantly improve yourself in matters of faith, seeking growth and progress on your spiritual journey.

4 – Make Faith Your No 1 Priority: Recognize the true significance of faith in your life, understanding that it holds greater weight than anything else.

Our Divine purpose is sublime – to continuously nurture strong faith in our heart and mind to our Magnificent Creator.

Imagine the unlimited, positive benefits that strong, unwavering faith would do for you in your life.

In other words, when problems, difficulties and unexpected things happen, instead of responding adversely or in a way that compromises your values:

* You would know with certainty that Allah is here for you
* You’d stay strong, positive, wise and resourceful.
* Hence you would be able to manage the situation in your best way possible.

And what is the ultimate reward for strengthening and growing the Islamic value of faith?

  • Nothing short of eternal, blissful Paradise! Alhamdullilah!
  • This is alongside many other benefits, such as being raised and advanced by Allah, The Most High, in both this life and the next life
  • A life filled with his favour and blessings.

This doesn’t mean challenges in life won’t occur, but it means that as a result of your unwavering faith, Allah swt graciously advances your ability to

* Manage them
* Resolve them easily and
* Gain positive outcomes from them.

Strengthening our faith (iman) daily in Allah is like a plant that, when nurtured daily, brings us closer in our intimate relationship with Him.

By embracing the sublime purpose of nurturing daily – strong faith in our heart and mind, we are on the highest success path. Seeking closeness to your Magnificent Creator opens the door to experiencing the immense joy and fulfilment that comes from deepening your connection with Him…

To finish off, if you want to know the weight of faith compared to everything in this world, it’s summed up in a powerful statement by Prophet Muhammad (s):

Allah, The Most Exalted, said once to Moses, `O Moses! Had the heavens and all those who reside therein, as well as those of the seven (layers) of earth, been placed on one scale and La ilha illa-Allah (There is no God but Allah) on the other, the scale containing La ilaha illa- Allah would surely have weighed more. (Hadith: Bukhari)

For me, this hadith highlights that faith weighs more than everything else in life! So, continuously developing and improving the quality and strength of our faith is vital to being the best Muslim we can be.

Excerpt from “Transformed by Values” Islamic Self-Improvement Guidebook, Author: Cynthia Aisha Meguid  (available on Amazon and