Life Coaching Testimonials

What People Say About Aisha’s Life Coaching

Our recently published professional guidebook, Transformed by Values, is a product of every life coaching session, course taught or training presented over the past 20 years, which received 100% positive feedback alhamdulillah! A few coaching testimonials are listed below:

“Thank you so much. SubhanAllah who would have thought the way we think can change everything. I have definitely learned to change my ways of thought and that there are many ways to achieve it. Before your life coaching sessions, I had one way of thinking and it always clouded everything else in my mind and how I reacted to situations. Wow! That was mind blowing for me when I first experienced. Once again may Allah grant you great success in both worlds and allow you to keep helping women like myself. Jazakallah Kheir.”

Fatima, Accountant

“I was sceptical and didn’t really think it would help as I’ve suffered from severe anxiety for years and years. Aisha taught me a number of techniques, some resonated well and some were life changing. After a month of attending, I realised I was unconsciously applying those techniques in my life. For example, one day I had a bad anxiety attack, I immediately put into practice a technique Aisha taught me without realising and my anxiety disappeared. It is truly life changing. It has also increased my spiritual connection with Allah swt even though I didn’t expect it from NLP (but because Aisha merges it with Islam). Highly recommend Aisha’s life coaching for every aspect of our lives”.

Ronya, Mum

“Thanks is due to Allah for guiding me to your life coaching sessions. Your coaching skills are amazing & have helped change my life alhamdulillah. You have taught me how to literally remove stress, hurt and anger from my life. I am a more calm & positive person. (Which all my kids have noticed). Your strategies for dealing with the different types of negative emotions is the key to your success and has helped me immensely.”

Mona, Mum

“My coaching sessions with Aisha have transformed my life. Using her life coaching techniques to relieve me of my limiting beliefs and replace them with values and beliefs that empower me to be a more effective communicator and a stronger individual has been an amazing experience with endless benefits. I highly recommend every person do themselves a favor and schedule a coaching session with Aisha to take their life to the next level.”
Yasmin, Executive Director 

“Your coaching has allowed me to overcome obstacles in my relationships with family/friends and employees, which prior to my life coaching sessions with you would have ended in a very negative way. Teaching me the different perceptual positions to take has helped me to be able to build rapport, have empathy and understand why certain things are happening. Now my relationship outcomes are positive and believe it or not, it rubs off on the other person. I still have a long way to go until I am able to master the different techniques but alhamdulilah I’m on the right track.”

Mariam, Receptionist